Important Notice - Policy changes
by Fat Cat on Sun, Feb 25 2007, 6:59 pm
Due to a recent post made on this forum by a spammer there will be a change in policy with relation to new accounts. From this day forward new members will not be able to post images or URL's in their posts until they have been a member of the forum for at least 7 days and have posted ten messages that contain something valuable to the members here.

Because there is active moderation any spam type posts made that do not include URL's or images might get through they will be deleted by the moderators. These deleted messages will not be counted toward your minimum of 10 posts and will likely get you banned from the forum.

This message does not really mean much to those of you that have been here for some time but is rather a warning for those that choose to ignore the rules and post messages that are in flagrant violation of the simple rules that have been established here at the RRT.

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