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by Fat Cat on Sat, Sep 02 2006, 7:16 pm
There is a thread in the forums titled "##### invades our hobby...." the ##### is blanking out a word that was listed in the forum word sensor. When I first read the thread my first reaction was to delete the thread. But I did not do that. My reason was that maybe the topic was something that needed to be addressed. After more of the detail was brought to light I found that I should have gone with my first reaction. I don't like having to delete threads.

The poster of the thread has pointed out that the actions of some third parties have introduced some unsavory events into our hobby. My biggest issue with this is that his actions have introduced it to my 12 year old daughter by posting it on this forum. Yes, my daughter is a member of this forum and reads messages here regularly. Many of the regular crowd have met her at shows. The mention that the poster was not here to preach morality seemed lost on me. By telling us that if we did nothing we were a part of the problem seemed to be damning us for our moral views. It would be better for all of us if we can just leave the politics and fundamentally argumentative topics for some place else and just have fun and talk about our hobbies.

There was also the mention of having me delete the users account because I don't agree with them. Let me point out right now, I don't just delete accounts for reasons like that. But if you are going to make a point of telling me to delete your user account make sure that is is what you want. It only takes a couple of clicks to remove and account and once that happens it is permanent. I won't hesitate to do it at your request either, nor will I try to talk you out of it. So be sure that is what you want.

My point about all this is that when you post a message on a public forum on the Internet you need to think about the potential viewers of the post. You may be an adult but some of the readers here might not be.

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