Mar 2007

End of the Tech contest
by Fat Cat on Thu, Mar 15 2007, 11:18 pm
For the last 2 weeks we have been holding a contest. This contest was to find useful tips from our membership and compile them into our tech section. That contest ended today. So without further delay here is the list of tech articles submitted by our members.

I would like to thank all the people that chose to contribute articles to the tech archives. All the Tech threads have been moved to the Tech section located at

Below is the complete list of threads in no particular order:

Engine stand by 1FATGMC

Crab claw headers”! Chevys 49-54, Other projects Cars by Rooster

Radiator tech by e83w

Shrinker stand by Fuzzy

Wire wheel stand by Fuzzy

Compression test by bowtietillidie

Header gasket tech by bowtietillidie

Ridding a car of bad smells by bowtietillidie

Head bolt torquing tech by bowtietillidie

Shop Safety tips by Rayvyn

Homemade shop tools by Land Yacht

Oil bottle tech tip by SKR8PN

Motor mounts for Nailhead by Charlie Chops 1940

'32 center crossmember/X-member by Charlie Chops 1940

Body mount "nuts" by Charlie Chops 1940

Cowl top support by Charlie Chops 1940

Cheap header bolt wrench by Jokester

Lexan for patterns by phat46

Carpet trim by UGLY OLDS

Bump steer checker by Pep

Cheap shorty stainless headers by 39deluxe

Keep your plug wires in order by 48ford

Cast Column-Drop by RottenRodney

Spray can nozzle holder by Ed ke6bnl

Inexpensive spark plug wires holders by Ed ke6bnl

Electric door control to open and close the heater valve by Ed ke6bnl

Hood Side Panel Fasteners by 34ford
Tech contest winners
by Fat Cat on Tue, Mar 20 2007, 5:21 pm
Well the judge came back with a list of his favorite entries into the Tech contest.

So without further delay the winners are:

First Place
Bump steer checker by Pep

For his prize he will recieve a engraved set of Craftsman wrenches.

Second Place
Spray can nozzle holder by Ed ke6bnl

He is awarded a $25 gift certificate to Summit.

Third Place
Lexan for patterns by phat46

He will recieve a copy of How to Build Basic Hot Rods, by Tex Smith Pub.

The current leader in the viewers choice voting is:

Shrinker stand by Fuzzy

Voting ends at 11pm eastern time today. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Again I would like to thank all the contributors and tell them they are all winners in my book.

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