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This is the home page of how to support the RRT.

We currently are working in a member support mode. All the funding for this site comes from donations made by you the users of this site.

If you want to help with support there are 2 options

  1. Option 1: Use the Paypal buttons below to make a electronic payment
  2. Option 2: Send me a personal or business check in the amount of your choice. To the address listed below.

If you have any questions you can contact me at with the subject of "RRT Banner Info Request" and I will answer them as best I can.

This will be setup as a yearly support payment. You are not required to make a contribution of a certain amount. You set the amount you are comfortable with. The average amount has been $15-$25. So you will have to decide what you want to spend on the RRT for each year. Many have likened it to the cost of a magazine subscription, only one that provides a return for the investment. I won't do monthly payments as I have to be able to track these things easily. The info about your contributions are confidential between you and me. I do not post them to the site and won't tell anyone else.

At this time the only benefits of support are that we will be able to continue to provide you a place to discuss all your questions and concerns about your cars. Also depending on the monetary level you step up to. There are multiple user levels on the forums. At this time there are 5 levels, Admin, Moderator, Team, Member, and Normal.

A new user or one that has not been upgraded will default to Normal. This basically gets you access to all the regular forums and use of the email services to email other users on the forum.

Member level has the same access privileges as Normal. In this case though a user who attained member level status would be someone who has provided monetary support(at the level of $5-$30) for the site.

Team level has all the privileges as a Member level but also includes a icon like this() next to their name. It is a bonus for users that provide support of $35 or more. Also users who support at that level are generally users who have been around for a while, and have provided much more than monetary support. Team level users in the near future will have available to them a email account accessible by web browser or POP email client. The email address will be in the form of

Admin and Moderator levels are reserved for those functions and are attained by invitation only.

In the future I intend to add some sort of members only section on the site with benefits for supporting the site. Anyone making contributions now will benefit from those features when they become available.

No users will be denied access to any of the basic services of this site because they don't provide monetary support. This is a voluntary program that is for you the users to show support for the services we provide.

Ok this is where things start to get a little hairy. Paypal has some processes in their system the if you want to be able to accept credit cards they have to take 2½ % of the transferred funds. So if you have to use a credit card to make the transfer then you need to use the email address Also if you are from a foreign county you also have to use the above email address.
Use this button only if you are using a credit card
using a credit card
Use this button only if you are using a credit card

If however you plan to make your donation out of a checking account you can use the email address of and the whole amount will go to support the site.
This one only works if you are using a bank account.
All others will be denied.
using a bank account

Make Checks Payable to Frank Kocinski and send them to:

Black Swamp Soda Works
Attn: Frank Kocinski III
P.O Box 326
Delta, Ohio

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