Ridding a car of bad smells
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#1: Ridding a car of bad smells Author: bowtietillidieLocation: Coshocton, Ohio PostPosted: Wed, Mar 14 2007, 8:51 pm
Ever have a bad smell in a car and just couldn't get it to GO away???
try this clean car up just like you always have . Go to a furniture mover and rent or buy some old moving pads the kind that they use to cover things
for protection . go but some charcoal ( Big Bag) take some plastic buckets
two gal or bigger and drill some holes about one half inch in size all over the buckets( don't drill the bottom of the buckets. Fill the buckets with charcoal
Place on a bucket on the drivers side of the car one on the passenger side
if you have a back seat put two back there and one in the trunk .
take the moving pads and cover the car all over make sure the pad touch the floor . I set things from around the garage on the pads where they touch the floor . Leave sealed up for a week remove pads check for bad smell .
If still there seal it back for another week. I once got a car given to me because a fellow had died in it and wasn't found for three weeks in the hot part of the summer . It took almost two months to get it smelling right but it worked . Several buddies ask me how I got it clean I always told them bring your car and a hundred dollars to me and I;ll make it smell just like mine did . Never did get any takers on putting the smell back in a car . But over the years I have cleaned a bunch of smelly cars

Another quick tip: Ask your wife when she goes to the store and buy's bread to ask the stock boy to tell her about the different color tie wraps on the bread sacks . Bread is baked fresh every day and has a different color tie wrap for each day these come in handy around the garage for color coded projects like wiring

#2: another tech before tech is over Author: UGLY OLDSLocation: Illinois PostPosted: Thu, Mar 15 2007, 4:20 pm
I have seen this done with a couple of bushels of apples or other fruit & a sheet of visquene...The fruit absorbs the odor..It's a old used car trick from the '50's..Also used to get rid of the "musty" smell from water damage..( Can you say "flood car" ??). Works faster if you let the car sit in the sun & change the fruit every 4 or 5 days......Then let the car sit open for a day or two to get rid of the fruit smell...

Rodding Roundtable -> Tech Archive

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