Electric door control to open and close the heater valve
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#1: Electric door control to open and close the heater valve Author: Ed ke6bnlLocation: Agua Dulce, Calif. 70 mi S.E. of Los Angeles PostPosted: Wed, Mar 14 2007, 12:15 pm
We have used this system on a couple of cars to open and close the heater valve. The valve is off a 70ish ford pu truck and the electric door closer was removed from an old jeep cherokee. The bar on the switch just slipped over the pin on the water valve and I put a pin on the top to keep it from falling off. The switch is a double poll double throw. center off. radio shack and others that reverses polarity to the valve.. The only negative is that there is no modulation and it is open or closes. Just fo a laugh when my wife took a ride in the car and I was flipping the switching the switch on and off she asked me if that was for nitrous. Not sure were she even herd of nitros let alone know that it would be wired to a swicht to arm it.

Rodding Roundtable -> Tech Archive

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