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#1: Oil bottle tech tip Author: SKR8PNLocation: Mansfield Ohio PostPosted: Sat, Mar 10 2007, 11:02 am
Ya know those really neat little caps with the snap shut lid?
You know,the ones that are on your wifes dishwashing liquid?(Like Dawn)
Save them....... they fit perfectly on the 1 qt bottles of motor oil,trans fluid,brake fluid etc. Makes life a whole easier by sealing up the bottle,but still allows you to use it without a funnel in most applications.

#2:  Author: phat46Location: In da Thumb of Michigan PostPosted: Sat, Mar 10 2007, 4:30 pm
Cool, I'm gonna go raid the recycle bin! Very Happy

#3:  Author: enjenjoLocation: Swanton, Ohio PostPosted: Sun, Mar 11 2007, 12:26 am
They also fit diff lube bottles, and a 3/8" hose snaps right over the end securely. If you use clear vinyl hose, you can see when the bottle is empty.

#4:  Author: NormspeedLocation: Deming, New Mexico PostPosted: Sun, Mar 11 2007, 1:45 am
"I did not know that." ......Johnny Carson.
Great idea.

Rodding Roundtable -> Tech Archive

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